Reunited and it feels so good...


Devilline is the fusion of Heliodor and Ice, created by GemCrust.


Devilline has dull teal skin, fluffy white and dark pine green hair, and four eyes with cyan irises and black pupils. She has a thin build with a small chest, a small torso, and relatively wide hips. Her gemstones are embedded in her sternum.


She wore sleeveless forest green bodysuit with cyan right strap. Her leggings were short and dark green with forest green borders around the bottoms. She wore dark green boots with cyan toe-tips.


She wore a deep V-neck forest green bodysuit with a cyan star-shaped shawl that covered her neck. Her leggings were short and dark pine green. She wore dark pine boots with downward facing arrow cutouts at the tops.


She wore a sleeveless tri-colored deep V-neck bodysuit with a dark cyan top in the shape of a downward-facing arrow. Underneath was a lighter dark cyan section of the same shape. Her leggings were white and split off into black-cyan boots with a thin lighter dark cyan border. She wore black-cyan elbow-length armbands.




Devilline's hair no longer has any white streaks in it (a possible nod to her new stability). Her new outfit is a torn dark emerald top with a pair of bands on her arms matching its color. She has an emerald tank on that same top, which has a star-like pattern because of their Crystal Gem status. She also has dark emerald leggings that are white on the top, covering her waist. She wears blue-green boots with dark emerald patterns on them.


GemCrust describes Devilline as mischievous and devious, being the combination of Ice's shy and anxious personality with Heliodor's happy-go-lucky but cynical nature. Devilline deliberately does things to cause trouble and chaos.[2] When formed, Devilline refuses to split. However, after a while, Ice and Heliodor eventually get tired of each other and split.[3]

Devilline is unstable in a sense, but she loves herself and loves being herself. She doesn't believe herself to be a fusion of two Gems but just one; this is actually a touchy subject for her. Ice or Heliodor shouldn't be brought up around her or she will snap.[4]

Heliodor makes Devilline unstable, her attraction to Ice is what makes Devilline not want to split, so she'll hold her constitute Gems hostage if she has to.[5] She seems to get more unstable each time they fuse into her and it becomes harder and harder to separate.[6]

Devilline likes to look as normal as possible, only showing her top pair of eyes when angered or frustrated.[7]

As of Heliodor becoming a Crystal Gem, Devilline is much more stable now.[8]


"I Am My Mom"

During the events of "I Am My Mom", Ice was spending some time with Heliodor, fused as Devilline. Once she sensed Alexandrite being formed, which piqued her interest, she rushed over, saw Aquamarine's ship leaving, and went after it.[9]

She became conflicted due to her components' own interests, and it's a wonder she didn't fall apart mid-flight. Ice wanted to rescue Steven and go back to Earth, but Heliodor wanted to go to Homeworld with Ice and stay there, so Devilline got irritated because she couldn't focus.[10] However, she was brought down by the Gem Destabilizer.[11]


Devilline possesses standard Gem abilities, bubbling, shapeshifting, fusion, regeneration, agelessness, and superhuman strength/durability.



  • Enhanced Combat Skills: Devilline inherits this ability from Heliodor and utilizes it with Ice's cryokinesis for a deadly mix.
  • Mace Proficiency: Devilline can summon Heliodor's mace from her gem at any given moment, and she can use it against her foes with ease.

Unique Abilities

  • Flight: Devilline has the ability to soar through the air.
  • Cryokinesis: Devilline inherits Ice's ability to create and control ice and snow.[12]
  • Electromagnetic Sensing: Devilline is in tune with the electromagnetic spectrum, which stems from Heliodor. She can sense radio waves, microwaves, light, ultraviolet rays, and gamma rays.
    • Gem Sensing: Devilline can also sense other Gems, whether they are reforming or fusing.[13]


  • The longest time that Devilline has stayed fused is 3 days.[14]
  • She's stronger than Garnet.[15]
  • She was updated to reflect Heliodor getting her star.[8]



Gemstone Information

  • Devilline is a sulfate mineral with the chemical formula CaCu4(SO4)2(OH)6·3(H2O).
  • The name originates from the French chemist's name, Henri Etienne Sainte-Claire Deville (1818–1881).
  • Devilline crystallizes in the monoclinic system.
  • Devilline is a rare and unusual secondary mineral found in the oxidized portions of copper sulfide ore deposits.
    • Because Devilline occurs in such oxidation zones, this mineral often is of post-mining origin.
    • Devilline is found in mines all around the world.


Image Description
Devilline Heliodor
Heliodor's gemstone is located on her chest. It is shaped like an upside down triangle and has three facets.

Devilline Ice
Ice's gemstone is located on her sternum. It is faceted and shaped like a thin diamond.



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